You Built Your Website. Now What?

4 Steps to Kickstart Your Web Presence

You Built Your Website. Now What?

4 Steps to Kickstart Your Web Presence
Because let’s be honest, most of us don’t know what to do with our website once its built!

This was me. I finally created a website for my growing design business. I had stepped out and embraced the future! I had all these great images from projects I had done and I was ready to show them to the world! I imagined it would be just like Field of Dreams; “If you build it, they will come.”
News Flash: They didn’t.
To my disappointment, the internet does NOT work like that. Building a website is like building a brick and mortar location. If you build a beautiful store with amazing décor but nobody knows it’s there, then guess what? Nobody will come except for maybe your parents because they’re obligated to. And the whole time they’re probably thinking you should’ve gone to medical school. 
Not to worry! There’s still hope! We have 4 easy ways to kick start your online presence and you’ll never have to feel this way again! 
1.) Write Content. 
You need to have content on your site! What is your business about? What do you do? What service do you provide? Who are you? If you can’t answer these questions or have them written down, then what in the world makes you think that you’re ready to have a website? 
Having no content on your site is like having a store that is beautiful on the outside and has amazing décor inside, but no products to sell! Do yourself a favor and build a site map (A rough layout of your site that says what goes where and on what page). It will make life much easier for you and your designer. 
In the end, word of mouth or graphic appeal may get visitors in the door, but content will keep them there. If you go with this mentality you’ll never go wrong! 
2.) Key Words.  
Search engines are smart. So smart, that they can pick up certain words from your site and guide users to you who happen to be looking for said words. So why not emphasize the words on your site? Let’s say you’re a plumber. Clients looking for plumbing services will probably search for words like clogs, busted pipes or green water coming out the faucet. If these words are part of your specialty, why not include them as key words on your site? 
Search engines are smart and they like smart websites. So don’t have a dumb website. 
3.) Social Media.  
What more is there that needs to be said about social media? It’s everywhere and almost everyone is connected by it. To not utilize it is perhaps the most detrimental thing you can do when starting your newly built site. Failing to use social media is like throwing a party and not sending any invitations! Yes, some people may show up from word of mouth, but that’s the difference between a get together and a bash. When utilizing social media, you should try to focus on two or three platforms. This will ensure that you’re able to devote an adequate amount of time to each and you won’t water down your message among too many platforms. You should also target social media that pertains to your business and reaches your target audience. For my business which is graphic and web design for entrepreneurs, I tend more to focus on Facebook and Instagram. 
4.) Analytics.  
Web analytics are highly important for a variety of reasons. They allow you to see where your traffic is coming from, how user behavior affects your web traffic, what effect online campaigns have on your site and much more. Measuring your site progress is the only way to accurately determine if all the effort you put into it is actually working! For a long time, I was building my website with no analytics. As a result, I had no idea how visitors were getting to my website. This caused me to waste time updating social statuses that weren’t generating any web traffic! Currently, I use Google Analytics to monitor site activity. Aside from page to page monitoring, the application also monitors activity that comes from outside sources, like Twitter. The uses are endless!  
So, the next time you decide to get a website built, don’t be clueless! Have a plan! Begin with these four steps and you’ll begin to see that your site will more than pay for itself!

The Mad Designer

I am a Mad Designer; meaning I create abominations that come to life and take over your business. I am also the Owner and Lead creative director of SinVista Creations LLC, a graphic design and multi-media firm. My role in this company has ranged from Logo/web design to finance/accounting to marketing strategies. This experience has triggered my interest in the area of business leadership and how my design sense can offer an innovation approach to business.

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