Commissioned Graphic Novel on Gus C. Henderson

Commissioned Graphic Novel on Gus C. Henderson

Gus C. Henderson: The Man, The Legend.

This summer I was commissioned by Maria Bryant of Olivia’s Performing Arts and Professor Julian Chambliss of Michigan State University to create a historical comic strip about Gus C Henderson.

Gus C Henderson’s contribution to African American history is extraordinary, but not well known to many people. Because of the nature of the project, I enlisted the help of my best friend and creative collaborator Manuel Perea to help me with the writing and story boarding.

The art piece was later sold at auction at the Hannibal Square Community Trust “Night of Expressions” gala in Winter Park, Florida.

We are humbled and honored to tell a part of Mr. Henderson’s story and contribute to Dr. Chambliss’s academic work.

For more information on Gus C Henderson, Dr. Chambliss or Maria Bryant, please visit:…/olds…/archives/golden/henderson.htm
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