Want your site to shoot to the top of Google’s Search?

The top of google's search

Want your site to shoot to the top of Google’s Search?

Here are 5 simple and free steps to get you there!


It’s funny how many times I have this conversation when building a website for a client: “How do I get my site to be on the first page of Google’s search?” I reply, “Oh yes, that’s search engine optimization (SEO). They quickly reply, “No, I just want my site moved to page 1”. I proceed with a face-palm. It is at this point that I realize I must break down what SEO is, why it’s important and why you don’t need me to do it!

First of all, SEO is hard work! Let me rephrase that. It’s not hard work, it’s consistent work. It’s research, monitoring and content creation for your site on a regular basis. A designer who creates multiple web projects for numerous clients may not have the time to implement these attributes to a newly contracted site. It is for this reason that SEO expertise can become a costly expense. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are 5 “easy-ish” ways to get the ball rolling quickly and for free!

1. Key Words. Key words on your site are basically words that alert search engines as to what your content is about and how to find it. For instance, for this post I’ll include words like SEO, web design, Google, etc. By highlighting these words, search engines better rank your content when these keyword combinations are searched for. Oh yeah, and make sure that you actually USE your key words in your blog or page content. Cutting corners will get you nowhere!


2. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a great and free platform created by Google to help analyze site metrics. I know it sounds complicated but it’s not at all! Basically, it allows you do simple tasks like observe how many visitors your site gets on a constant basis or at specific times. You can also do more complex actions like determine what page or ad is generating most of your visitors. Google likes this and favors its usage. Plus, it’s made by Google so… c’mon, just use it.


3. Blog/Content. This is the MOST important step when generating SEO for your site. Google LOVES content! Don’t just create your site then expect it to do something! You have to constantly generate content to show that your site is a living, breathing thing worth Google’s attention. Not only can you create your own content, but you can also feature another’s content on your site (of course give them credit!). This is beneficial to both them and you! While it can be daunting to constantly create new blog post or articles, if you develop a routine of writing once a week, every other week or even once a month, you’ll eventually develop a library of search engine-friendly content.


4. Social Media. Social Media is basically a free audience to share your content with. Take advantage! It’s a great way to use your post or articles as bait to draw visitors to your site like a zombie hoard. Google and other search engines take note of the traffic generated by social media to your site and reward this! So stop aimlessly scrolling down your newsfeed and use social media for something productive!


5. Links Links Links! This one is easy. Make sure that all through your site there are hyperlinks that connect to other sites and vice versa! Google LOVES this! Partnering with friends who also have websites and sharing links among each other is a mutually beneficial relationship that will be great for both your SEO!

So that’s all it takes! It’s easy to get started and it’s free! All it takes is a little time, focus and diligence. With these 5 easy steps, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching Google’s first page! Happy Climbing!


The Mad Designer

I am a Mad Designer; meaning I create abominations that come to life and take over your business. I am also the Owner and Lead creative director of SinVista Creations LLC, a graphic design and multi-media firm. My role in this company has ranged from Logo/web design to finance/accounting to marketing strategies. This experience has triggered my interest in the area of business leadership and how my design sense can offer an innovation approach to business.

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