Me Time

Me Time

Just look at everything pertaining to motivational speaking, self improvement, yada yada yada. As human beings, our minds are bombarded by life at every waking moment. This makes it difficult make time for the things that we truly love to do. As the owner of a graphic design company as well as the artist for the graphic novel, Tag, I have fallen victim to this notion. Being a self diagnosed workh-a-holic I log in some 50 hours a week. 95% of this labor is spent on  projects I do for everyone else, leaving me little to no time to devote to developing and illustration my  graphic novel or developing business strategies.


Recently, a good friend of mine told me that when you ignore your own needs and development and instead focus on your client’s projects, you aren’t living, you’re simply existing. The funny thing is, this feeling has been eating at my soul for months now and I didn’t do anything about it! I got it in my mind that sacrifices needed to be made when chasing the mighty dollar. Unfortunately, this left me empty and is stagnating my business.


This realization has brought me and my writer to the point that action needs to be taken and it needs to be taken consistently.  Rather than devote my leftover time to personal projects like this graphic novel and my business development, I am devoting designated hours to these areas EVERYDAY. The interesting thing is, that this method will not take away from the business I do for my clients! Knowing that I have 4 hours to get projects done rather than 7 hours, I subconsciously operate more efficiently and waste less time. I have engaged in this practice for the past 3 days and the results have been astounding!
 I can gladly say that the first chapter of Tag is well on its way and Nothing, not even myself is going to stop it!

The Mad Designer

I am a Mad Designer; meaning I create abominations that come to life and take over your business. I am also the Owner and Lead creative director of SinVista Creations LLC, a graphic design and multi-media firm. My role in this company has ranged from Logo/web design to finance/accounting to marketing strategies. This experience has triggered my interest in the area of business leadership and how my design sense can offer an innovation approach to business.

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